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Pharmacy Clinical Services is a crucial part of any successful pharmacy. The ability to offer an increased level of healthcare to your community has changed the way patients now interact with their pharmacist. But ensuring your pharmacy is up to date with the latest changes to what is being commissioned in the area is difficult.

I already offer all commissioned services

Ensuring your business continue to grow requires constant time dedicated to research and implementation of new services being commissioned by the NHS. This is time that could be spent delivery the services to patients. Our dedicated team of experts in clinical services are regularly attending meetings with NHS, CCG and local drug teams to ensure we are at the forefront of delivery all pharmacy clinical services available in each of our branches.

Working with the NHS

At GreenLife Pharma our aim is to consistently increase the level of healthcare we can provide to the local community. Once you become part of GreenLife Pharma you will have access to our pharmacy clinical services database. This innovative data collection system allows us to approach local NHS teams and push for additional services to be provided in the local area if it is not currently available.

Salma Manager - Orford Pharmacy

The team at GreenLife Pharma have been crucial in giving me back the ability to be a pharmacist again. I no longer have to spend time researching and implementing new services. My main area of concern is now delivery the services to my community. Which is the reason I became a pharmacist in the first place.

Working with the community

Our primary aim at GreenLife Pharma is to help our clients increase health care in the local community. Working with local NHS groups and GP’s we have been able to increase services available to the local community, which is helping to reduce the chance of potential long-term illness, as well as helping to alleviate pressure on the local doctors.

Matthew Jones Customer

It is getting harder to get an appointment with my local GP surgery. My pharmacy was able to offer me a diabetes test, which gave me an alarming result. I have since changed my lifestyle and now an out of the risk zone”

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