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We at GreenLife Pharma believe in adding value to the health sector. We do this by supporting your business to provide the best pharmacy walk-in clinic services possible to those you care for. We have worked alongside our partner pharmacies to develop a new set of high quality and wide-ranging walk-in clinic services through our flagship Walk-in Clinic Near Meinitiative.

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The aims of Walk-in Clinic Near Me

With ‘Walk-in Clinic Near Me’, we aim to improve patient access for a number of high-quality, private pharmacy walk-in clinic services by training and preparing community pharmacies and independent contractors to deliver a wide range of popular services.

Community pharmacies are highly accessible given that they are located in the heart of communities and in remote areas where people work, shop and live. Community pharmacies delivering urgent care and walk-in-style services have proven to be positive for a multitude of reasons; easing pressures felt on local hospitals and GP practices, all the while offering patients the opportunity to access primary care services in a timely and convenient manner.

Our team of experts can support your pharmacy through the planning, training, marketing and implementation of key walk-in clinic services to help you bring about a more rewarding and holistic patient experience. We have a number of Patient Group Directives (PGDs) and clinical training to support non-prescribing pharmacists.

Our pharmacy walk-in clinic services currently include

  • Urgent Care; chest infections, throat infections, ear infections, eye infections and urinary tract infections.
  • Chronic pain management and support services
  • Lifestyle Wellbeing 
  • Women’s Health services
  • Men’s Health
  • Travel Vaccinations
Walk-in Clinic services

How can Walk-in Clinic style services help to develop you and your business?

Now more than ever, community pharmacies and independent pharmacy contractors (multiples and large chains) are looking to diversify by setting up and delivering private pharmacy walk-in clinic services. By providing a private Walk-in Clinic service, not only does it allow you to offer a much more flexible, varied and efficient service to your patients, it also allows you to create an alternative income stream into your pharmacy.  

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