Pre-registration recruitment is changing...

Pharmacy Pre-registration Recruitment and potentially its funding is changing because of the changes made by the oriel process. It will become harder for independent and small groups to recruit high-quality pre-reg students and. Using GreenLife Pharma, who work in collaboration with Imaan healthcare gives you access to a high calibre of student because of our strong working links with oriel.

At Greenlife Pharma we are proud of our ever-growing reputation with pre-registration students. We are able to attract the highest calibre of students to our company because of our excellent pass rate per year, comprehensive training program through the year, and a proven track record of supporting our pre-registration students reach their potential.

Why should you use GreenLife Pharma to recruit your Pre-registration student?

Recruiting your pharmacy pre-registration student through GreenLife Pharma is the smart option for your company.

The benefits for you are:
  • Our reputation and links to the UK’s best universities allows us to attract the best students
  • Our experience of the Oriel recruitment process will help you to access funding
  • Provide a comprehensive training package for your student to complete throughout the year
  • Provide mock exams for your students and highlight specific areas for improvements
  • Conduct student reviews on their performance in branch

What is the benefit of having a Pre-registration student?

  • Students are eager to impress their tutors with their knowledge
  • Can relieve pressure on the pharmacist and staff in branch by helping to share workload
  • Students are fresh from university, meaning they should be up to date with the latest developments in the field, and can pass that knowledge on to staff in branch

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