Professional and Regulatory Support

Managing your own business and ensuring your long-term future is a challenge all independent contractors face, especially if your company has more than one branch. At GreenLife Pharma our professional and regulatory support team can assist you in a variety of ways to allow maximum development and growth of your company.

Business Development

Our team has over 20 years of business management experience in the industry.  At GreenLife Pharma we understand and appreciate that each independent contractor faces their own respective challenges when it comes to developing their business. We have extensive experience in the following areas:

We have extensive experience in the following areas:
  • Managing branch cash flow with an understanding of costs, revenue, profit and loss
  • Generation of branch P&Ls and management reports
  • Performance management of staff
  • Implementation of commissioned services to drive delivery and growth with marketing support
  • Contract tendering for new branches
Pharmacy business development - GreenLife Pharma

Saquib Rahman Manager - Greenfield Pharmacy

GreenLife Pharma has helped to further my own knowledge on how to develop my branch and highlight  KPI’s. I had limited knowledge of KPI’s and  P&L‘s, and how that data should be used to best develop my company

GreenLife Pharma has been working with independent contractors in a variety of roles, depending on our clients’ particular requirements.

We can:
  • Assist in managing the pharmacy and provide a business evaluation of a specific branch, providing a detailed report and suggestion on key areas that should look to be addressed
  • Work alongside a branch to implement any suggested changes and evaluate their worth with quarterly reviews
  • Assume a managerial role within a branch and develop the branch on the owner’s behalf

Saquib Rahman Manager - Greenfield Pharmacy

I joined GreenLife Pharma originally to work alongside the team to develop my company. Recently I have decided to spend more time with my family and I have allowed GreenLife Pharma to assume control of my branches. I know how the teamwork and am very confident my branches will continue to grow

Staff development

Patients have, and always will be the soul of any pharmacy business. However, if your patients are not provided with a high-quality service your business will inevitably suffer. Being able to provide a quality service is only possible by having adequately trained staff. At GreenLife we are always looking to drive the standards of our staff in order to raise the level of care offered to patients. Our central support team has over 15 years experience of working in pharmacy delivering our exceptionally high standards to customers. We now use this expertise to offer training to our pharmacy staff members to develop them in areas we feel are needed:

  • Accredited training- We offer all of our staff the opportunity to develop in their jobs. Working with Buttercups, we are able to offer training courses to be an accredited healthcare assistant, dispensing technician and ACT.
  • Services training- In order to maximize your growth as a pharmacy the services we offer out require skilled staff in order to complete them efficiently. We will provide full training to allow these services reach their potential.
  • Branch ownership- an area we have had great success over the years is the ownership we put on our staff in branch. We charge them with driving our branches forward and encouraging them to bring ideas to our management team and what they feel is needed within a branch in a specific area.

Central Support

Our central support team is on hand to assist you with the running of your branch on a day to day basis. Our team is on hand to provide support in the following areas:

  • Human resources
  • I.T Support
  • Care home recruitment
  • Van leasing
  • Social Media Marketing

Have questions?

Our team of Business Development Managers are on hand to answer your questions and work with you to design a customised service package that is right for you.

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