Wholesaling with GreenLife Pharma

At GreenLife Pharma we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality wholesale service for pharmacy contractors looking to further develop their business financially.

How can wholesale help my business develop?

Our wholesale process has been refined to ensure minimal work is required in the branch on a day to day basis, whilst still allowing for maximum return for each contractor. This process is achievable due to our dedicated wholesale team working behind the scenes on your behalf to ensure the order and processing of your stock are simple:

Once you have made the choice to join us we will:

  • Conduct an evaluation of your branch and help to set up a designated wholesale area

  • We will be able to guide you through the application process for your wholesale license
  • Provide full training to all staff members and responsible person within your branch
  • Issue all relevant documentation required for wholesaling
GreenLife Pharma Wholesale

Kazam Ali Pharmacy Owner - Grimsargh Pharmacy

‘I had always wanted to start wholesaling, but the administrative side would have taken too long each month, and I have zero experience. GreenLife Pharma took away all that stress and I have been able to steadily grow my business month by month’

The wholesale process

GreenLife Pharma has been working with independent contractors to add an additional revenue source to their company. The wholesale process is fully licensed through the MhRA and monitored on a regular basis (by our in-house RP) to ensure that no ethical misconduct. Over the years we have been able to streamline our process to make it an easy decision for our clients to join our set up.

Kazam Ali Pharmacy Owner - Grimsargh Pharmacy

I was concerned that I would need to take on a new member of staff to look after the wholesale. However, this wasn’t the case as GreenLife Pharma trained me and the staff so the process fits into our daily routine with no disruption to our normal service’

Still, have questions?

If you have any questions regarding our wholesale process do not hesitate to get in touch.

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