Running a pharmacy requires many roles. Management is only one of your responsibilities, even though it’s a full-time job on its own. The quality of your pharmacy management significantly affects the success of your pharmacy.


Use these 10 tips to make your pharmacy management effective and useful.

Create a structured work environment.

Every pharmacy needs a structured work environment to produce effective employees and workflow. Start by creating the following; permanent policies, clear goals, efficient workflow systems, and consistent work schedules.


Determine employees’ strengths and weaknesses.

The better you understand your employees, the better you’ll be able to leverage their skills. For example, if one of your employees shows organisational skills, assign them to manage your inventory. If one of your employees can work with speed, appoint him to fill the prescriptions.


Show your appreciation.

Showing appreciation isn’t just a nice gesture. It’s also a smart management decision. A great way to do this is by recognising your employees’ great work on social media.


Promote teamwork.

Your pharmacy staff is a team. No matter how well your employees work individually, they must also work well collectively or else your operations will sputter.


Determine your goals.

You can only call your management “effective” if you know what you’re striving to achieve. Make time to set goals for your pharmacy.


Be a leader, not just a boss.

Leaders motivate, encourage, and inspire the best in their employees. They pave the path through example.


Communicate effectively.

Miscommunication can lead to errors, office disputes, or confusion. Excellent communication improves productivity, efficiency, and cooperation.


Train up new managers.

Most small businesses fail to spend the time needed to train employees to become managers. Sometimes, that failure is a result of a manager hoarding control.


Know when to take a break.

Take time out throughout the day to break from your work. Set regular times or else you’ll get sucked into the never-ending task list and find it difficult to break away.

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