Green Life Pharma strongly encourages contractors to take part in the community pharmacy survey


Health Education England (HEE) is inviting over 11,500 community pharmacies to participate in the first ever national survey looking at training and development needs across the community pharmacy sector workforce.

At GreenLife Pharma, we value training and development immensely. We are constantly striving to deliver the best possible service in all of our branches that we help to manage. This survey will help to discover any shortfalls within pharmacy and help to develop improved training plans, we actively encourage all community pharmacies to take part.

The Community Pharmacies Workforce Survey is designed to inform the commissioning of clinical education and development for community pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and the wider team.

A significant programme of education and development is currently being progressed by HEE, in collaboration with NHS England and funded by NHS England’s Pharmacy Integration Fund, and this will be informed by the results of the survey.

This includes:

  • Access to post-registration clinical pharmacy education and training up to diploma level for community pharmacists
  • Workforce development and a prescribing qualification for clinical pharmacists who work in care homes and integrated urgent care hubs/GP out of hours services
  • Clinical leadership development for pharmacy technicians.

The survey will collect key information around training requirements, recruitment experiences and working patterns of staff employed in each community pharmacy premises. Each community pharmacy across England will have a unique, secure log-in – sent by email to the contractor – to access the questionnaire which closes on 31 September 2017.

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GreenLife Pharma currently manages the training and development for 25 pharmacies and over 200 employees. To see how we can help your business contact a member of the team today: +44 (0)1744 881 756 / [email protected]

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