Imaan Harehills Pharmacy, Leeds Kam Hussain, Pharmacist and Manager

Kam became manager at the pharmacy in September 2015 and soon realised the complexities of the business and the necessary services to patients. The pharmacy was not organised, staff were unsure of their roles, procedures were not written and the ones that were written were clearly not being abided by. Furthermore, there are six more pharmacies within walking distance in the area and patients were leaving Imaan Harehills Pharmacy due to the poor service that had been offered.

Kam realised that his immediate priorities for the business were:

  • To ensure that the pharmacy procedures and service were safe for patients and meet the confidence of regulators

  • To train and develop the staff so that they can consistently provide an excellent service to customers and a safe pharmacy service top patients

  • Increase footfall into the pharmacy which relied on improving retail merchandise, implementing promotions and improving local marketing

GreenLife Pharma ensured that its Clinical Governance, Operations, Commercial and Marketing Team was immediately involved and tasked with improving how the pharmacy operated and developed a basis for the pharmacy to flourish and grow.

The pharmacy team were trained in branch procedures ensuring that they complied with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and if any amendments were required, local variation SOPs were created. The retail sales area was revamped with a new layout and new merchandise, with stock that was sought after in the area and sold well in other pharmacies and retail outlets.

This information is sourced from various partners in the retail industry. Marketing support involved designing new leaflets with information on promotions at the pharmacy. These were distributed to houses in the area, along with the support of local businesses.

As the level of service and standards at the pharmacy improved, GreenLife Pharma sent Business Development support to ensure that all the possible locally commissioned services were contracted to the pharmacy and that Kam and the staff know how to utilise them to improve their customer offering and add profitability to the branch.