What is the GreenLife Pharma Portal?

We have developed a portal to allow our branches to communicate with head office more efficiently. Each branch who has access to it is able to streamline their processes, cutting out additional work that usually would be undertaken for each Pharmacy.

Wesham Pharmacy use of the Portal

Cashing up – As part of the efficient running of the pharmacy, we keep a record of daily cashing up alongside a weekly cash up. It automatically keeps a running balance of the money that we have secured in the safe, which is beneficial when doing the banking and ensures that we don’t end up with too much money on the premises. This is really useful to us as we don’t have to repeatedly count the money in the safe and we can keep sufficient money on the premises for the effective running of the shop, without holding excess amounts which may compromise security.

Prescriptions – At the end of the day we do a prescription count that is logged on the portal. This helps us to keep a record of the items and prescriptions that we dispense throughout the week/month. It helps us when double checking the items and forms at the end of the month before submitting, as well as enabling us to work towards monthly item targets.

Documents & Invoices – We can scan documents over to head office immediately like invoices from third party suppliers. This saves time and cost as we don’t have to send colleagues from the pharmacy to the post office to send these over. It is a very efficient service, as posting takes a lot longer than scanning and uploading a document.

Stock Requisitions – We use this when we need a special item or medication that we are unable to get and that another pharmacy in the company might have. This ensures the supply of medication to the patient with minimal disruption. This is an efficient use of resources within the company. We can also log all of our additional services on the portal as well. This helps us reach our targets.

We are able to input and monitor the following:

  • MURs
  • Minor Ailment Scheme
  • Flu Vaccination
  • Delivery Drops
  • Hours Worked

This is useful to me and my colleagues as it saves a lot of time because I can send everything to head office that they require and I don’t have to leave the pharmacy to do this. It also saves money by posting and it keeps all the important documents within the pharmacy for record keeping purposes.