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In this podcast Ghulam Haydar and Saghir Ahmed sit down to talk to Khalid Khan and Siraaj Bukera about Pre-registration Pharmacy and the uncertainties going on with provisional pharmacists.


In this podcast, Ghulam Haydar & Saghir Ahmed talk to Mike Holden from Pharmacy Complete about how community pharmacy has changed, where the sector is heading, the challenges, and the opportunities that can be presented to produce a better service and outcomes to patients.


The Ridge Pharmacy Takeover

The Ridge Pharmacy

The Ridge Pharmacy Takeover Taking over The Ridge Pharmacy in Bradford has been one of the most challenging takeovers we have ever experienced. However, the pharmacy team at The Ridge have been brilli...


Proud To Be A Clinical Community Pharmacist

Ghulam Haydar_ I Am Proud To Be A Clinical Community Pharmacist

Clinical community pharmacists; the way forward? In late November I was invited by the University of Manchester Pharmacy Society (MUPS) to deliver a talk to mixed years pharmacy undergraduates about m...


How the cuts are affecting me: ‘The future looks bleak for community pharmacy’

Community Pharmacy

How the cuts are affecting me: ‘The future looks bleak for community pharmacy’- The Pharmacist Part of The Pharmacist’s series of case studies on how the funding cuts are affecting ordinary pharmacist...


Medicines optimisation schemes are simply stealing from one person to pay another – GPs should boycott them

Medicines optimisation schemes are dragging prescribing ethics into the gutter and GPs should play no part in them, says Dr Patrick James McNallyUnder our CCG’s ‘Medicine Optimisation Benefit Share...


The Pharmacy Careers Conference – speaker announcement

More speakers announced for The Pharmacy Careers Conference in Manchester on 24th September We are delighted to announce confirmation of more outstanding speakers at The Pharmacy Careers Conference. T...


The importance of developing pharmacy services alongside other healthcare professionals

Developing innovative pharmacy services needs to be done in collaboration with other healthcare professionals ‘The future of independent pharmacy doesn’t rest solely with our GP relationships ‘ Chairm...