The Ridge Pharmacy

The Ridge Pharmacy Takeover

Taking over The Ridge Pharmacy in Bradford has been one of the most challenging takeovers we have ever experienced. However, the pharmacy team at The Ridge have been brilliant, not only operating 13,000 items a month pharmacy while changing operating systems but also under challenging circumstances brought about by COVID19.

During this time we have had to draft in additional help from other stores with some staff travelling from Manchester to be able to support our new colleagues.

Last night pharmacists and dispensers from Rehman and Chelmsford Road Pharmacy also joined us after a tiring day at their own branches, seeing the ‘Bat Signal’ they travelled over after hours to provide some much-needed help and respite for the staff at The Ridge.

Together we cleared all the backlog and remedied some of the issues experienced during the takeover, once again last night demonstrated that not only do we have excellent pharmacists and technicians in our company, but we have an outstanding and committed team who help each other through challenging times.

We want to take this opportunity again to thank all of our staff in Imaan and Greenlife for their dedication, hard graft and teamwork.

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