Many of the world’s most common infectious diseases – cholera, hepatitis, rabies and meningitis – can be prevented with a quick trip to a local travel clinic. Still, some individuals are unaware of the facts surrounding immunisation, so they put off receiving these life-saving vaccinations before they travel abroad. This can make contracting diseases far more likely, which could spread to family members and friends.

Roughly 25% of UK citizens visit a foreign country without taking the essential steps to stay safe. It is the job of a travel clinic to provide more of the public with multiple options when it comes to protecting themselves before, during and after they travel. Consultations should, therefore, aim to be clear and detailed – discussing the health risks of not being inoculated and courses available to them using the patient’s: detailed travel itinerary, documentation for previous vaccinations, medical history records and details of medication being taken. 

Pharmacy travel clinics have a sense of community to them as you may be already using their other services; this can put you at ease during vaccination courses which are normally uninviting and clinical. 

It can be challenging to get an appointment with a standard travel clinic, especially during the busy travel seasons, but there is another option. If you are concerned about an upcoming trip, then visiting a community pharmacy can help you receive the treatment and advice you need, without the hassle. If you live in a remote area where a lack of effective travel treatment is usually unavailable, a pharmacy might be the best option for you before taking your trip. 

At a pharmacy travel clinic, the advice is tailored to each patient and destination. It is estimated that 1.4 billion people visited a foreign country in 2019, as the number of travellers making their way to exotic and uncommon destinations grows this year and beyond, the need for travel clinics offering professional travel advice tailored to specific continents and countries is becoming more and more important.

Preparing for a holiday or a business trip takes a lot of planning and careful consideration of the risks, especially when it comes to health – for this reason, a travel clinic should be the top priority for anyone making their way abroad.  

If you are looking for a local travel clinic to help keep you safe while aboard, or are in need of an emergency consultation, then you can visit https://www.travelclinicnearme.co.uk/ to book a free appointment.

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